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Tables & Chairs for Every Occasion

Offering You an Extensive Selection of Products

Are you searching for quality table and chair rentals in the Atlanta area? Instead of relying on cheap products that will prove to be a disappointment, stop by our location to pick from a huge selection of top-notch products! At Ken's Events Inc., you can choose from various types of tables, including banquet, round, specialty, cocktail, card, bistro, and children’s tables.

We can also provide you with many types of chairs, including, Plastic folding chairs, Non-folding chairs, Bar stools, Children’s chairs Restaurant-style high chairs, Wooden chairs with padded seats, Bride and groom sets and Chiavari Chair


DescriptionDaily Rate: 


Banquet Tables

Banquet Tables (Seats 4-6)                                        $7.25   


Banquet 6 ft Tables (Seats 6-8)                                         $8.00                   


Banquet 8 ft Tables (Seats 8-10)                                       $9.00               


Specialty Tables

Children's Table (10-12)                                                $8.00  


Cocktail Highboy Table 30" round 42" high              $11.00 



Tabletop Bar (kit includes an overlay and 
skirting for a 6' table with matching riser 

skirt, linens in black, white, ivory)                                $45.00


34" x 34" Square Card Table                                       $7.50



Round Tables

Round Table 30 in Round (Seats 2-4 )                                                 $7.50


Round Table 36 in Round (Seats 4-6)                                            $8.00


Round Table 48 in round (Seats 6-8)                                            $8.50


Round Table  60 in Round(Seats 8-10)                                          $9.00


Round Table  72 in Round (Seats 10-12)                                         $11.00


Samsonite Style Plastic Chair

Brown Plastic Folding                                                 $1.00


Black Plastic Folding                                                   $1.15


White Plastic Folding                                                  $1.50


White Resin Padded                                                   $2.75


Non-Folding Chairs Chiavari                                    $8.00


White Bride & Groom Set                                         $10.00


High Chair (restaurant-style)                                   $18.00


Children’s Chairs                                                         $1.50


Bar Stools (16′ x 30′)                                                  $4.50 

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