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Tableware & Serving Pieces

Classy and Affordable Tableware for Your Event

At Ken's Events Inc., we are committed to doing everything we can to help make your event an unforgettable experience. While some companies deliver stained and defected products or skimp on quality materials to save themselves money, we believe in providing you with the best quality services that you will be able to truly enjoy! In addition to offering Atlanta table rentals and linens, we also offer a variety of accessories as well.

The following are our primary types of tableware:

  • China

  • Stemware

  • Flatware

  • Serving pieces

Our experienced staff members know how to prepare a table that is appealing and organized. When you select our company to assist with your event, we will help you find the right dishes to serve your purpose! We are characterized by consistent, friendly service and the highest quality products. Visit us today to find out why our rental company is the most respected in the area. For Atlanta tableware rentals, please call us at (770) 934-8600.

DescriptionDaily RateLong Term

Stainless Steel

Serving Spoon$1.50call for pricing

Slotted Serving Spoon$1.50call for pricing

Serving Fork$1.50call for pricing

Ice Scoop, Ladle, Bread Tongs, Serving Tongs$2.50call for pricing

Cake Set$2.50call for pricing

Silver Plated

Serving Spoon$2.50call for pricing

Slotted Serving Spoon$2.50call for pricing

Serving Fork$2.50call for pricing

Ice Scoop, Ladle, Bread Tongs, Serving Tongs$3.00call for pricing

Cake Set$3.00call for pricing

Assorted Silver & Stainless

Champagne Fountain (3-tiered)$50.00call for pricing

Pewter Serving Pieces

Round (28-1/2″. x 17-3/4″)$12.50call for pricing

Large French Oval (30-1/2″ x 19″)$15.00call for pricing

Large Scalloped Oval (19″ x 14″)$10.00call for pricing

XL Oval (33″ x 2″)$15.00call for pricing

XL Round Scalloped (20″ x 22″)$10.00call for pricing

Royal Scallop Round$10.00call for pricing

XXL Oblong Zinn Platter$15.00call for pricing

Wrought Iron Stand (w/Zinn Platter)$2.00call for pricing

Silver Serving Pieces

Punch bowl w/ladle$17.00call for pricing

16″ Rectangular$7.75call for pricing

17-1/2″ Shell Server$5.00call for pricing

19-1/2″ Rectangular$9.25call for pricing

21-1/2″ Rectangular$10.50call for pricing

Rectangular Footed$17.00call for pricing

19-5/8″ Oval1$3.00call for pricing

21-5/8″ Oval1$5.00call for pricing

Revere Bowls 10″ w/liner$7.00call for pricing

Coffee Service

Lg. Coffee Maker (100 cup)$20.00call for pricing

Ornate Coffee Makers (55 cup)$20.00call for pricing

Ornate Coffee Maker (36 cup)$17.00call for pricing

Silver Coffee Urn (50 cup)$55.00call for pricing

Stainless Steel Serving Pieces

Chip & Dip$6.00call for pricing

18″ Rectangular$5.00call for pricing

21″ Rectangular$6.00call for pricing

21″ Oval (wood handles)$6.20call for pricing

Assorted Glassware Glass Punch Bowls

“Daisy & Button” (11 qt.)$10.00call for pricing

“Aztec” w/stand (11 qt.)$12.00call for pricing

Glass Punch Cups$.40call for pricing

Glass Ladles$2.00call for pricing

18″ Punch Bowl$8.00call for pricing

Glass Water Pitchers$2.00call for pricing

Chafing Dishes Stainless Steel

8 qt. Rectangular$20.00call for pricing

5 qt. Round$15.00call for pricing

8 qt Rectangular Ornate$30.00call for pricing

5 qt Round Ornate$25.00call for pricing

4 qt. Square Ornate$25.00call for pricing

Catering Supplies

Propane Single Burner$15.00call for pricing

Soup Warmer Kettle$15.00call for pricing

Turkey Fryer$18.00call for pricing

Optional Gas Tank for Turkey Fryer$25.00call for pricing

7″ Saute Pan$2.00call for pricing

Cambro Insulated Pan Carrrier$18.00call for pricing

Cambro Insulated Beverage Service2.5 gallon (hot or cold)$15.00call for pricing

Waiter Trays$6.00call for pricing

Tray Stands$6.00call for pricing

Portable Bars

Table Top Bar$40.00call for pricing

Portable Bar-White$45.00call for pricing

Ice Cooler (120 qt.)$20.00call for pricing

Large Super Cooler (fits 1/2 pony kegs)$20.00call for pricing

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