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What Style of Wedding Reception Is Right for You?

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There are many reception styles that bring out the best in a couple on their big day. Thankfully, there are plenty of rentals available with your event rental company that will accommodate you and your future spouse’s individual styles. Below you’ll get a look at some reception ideas based on your style as a couple so that you can host an amazing event that you’re sure to remember.

You Are a Relaxed Couple
If you and your fiancé are the kind of couple that want to sit back and relax with your guests, then look for a no-hassle reception style. This may be in the form of a backyard reception with tent rentals and outdoor game rentals. You may alternatively prefer a laidback beach reception. Your guests can gather under tents and toast you and your spouse to a lifetime of happiness. There are many relaxed reception styles out there to choose from. Work with your event rental company on the best ways to customize your reception to match your couple style.

You Are a Party Couple
Maybe you two are the couple who can always be counted on for a great time. You love dancing, music, and making sure everyone around you has a night to remember. No matter where your reception is, you can get some dance floor rentals and great tunes to help you dance the night away. Do not forget your outdoor lighting for the dance floor. Strobe lights, flood lights, and multicolored strings of lights are all great ways to keep the party going all night long.

You Are a Different Couple
You and your future spouse may be relaxed, wild, or something completely different. Think about what makes you unique as a couple. Maybe you two would love to treat your guests to pancakes and mimosas during a wedding reception brunch. Or you want your guests to know about your love of a specific book series or movie. There are many different ways to bring your special couple style out in your reception.

If you want to find your reception style, then look to Shaw Tent & Event Rental for your wedding rentals in Atlanta. Call us to find the perfect wedding rental to complement your big day. We are available at (770) 934-8600.

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